How much of a deposit do you require?

We require a 25% deposit in order to block the date in.

Do you accept payments in installations?

Yes, this can be discussed.

Can we organise a meeting with you?

Of course! We both love a no-obligation catch-up with anyone interested and wanting to get to know us or understand how we work. We usually go for a coffee or organise a Zoom call. Feel free to book in a free call with us here.

What is your refund or cancellation policy? COVID policy?

The deposit is non-refundable and we allow as many date changes as required as long as we are available.

Do you carry backup equipment?

We always have a backup equipment with us.

Do you add music to the final film? Do we have a say in what song will be used if so? Will vows & speeches be recorded and available for us to have also if they’re not in the final film?

We will provide a highlight movie of all events. We always ask the couple to provide us with a song to put in our highlight film but if there is no song we will pick one (or more) which suits the setting. We always record vows (vows are in the highlight film) and speeches and we can provide you all the raw footage from the day through a Onedrive link.

Will you upload our videos and photos? do we have a choice to opt out of doing so?

We ask our clients prior to uploading to our website to ensure they are comfortable. If not comfortable, we provide all stock footage to client and delete it from our records.

How will the day work? I would prefer to be photographed during pre wedding preparation and my fiancé recorded, would this work for you?

We generally speaking organise a zoom chat about a week or two prior to the wedding where we discuss the day run sheet, confirming everything and writing everything down. We move as a team from one location to the next (groom’s place to take footage of them getting ready and then the bride’s house to do the same etc).

Would I be able to give you a list of shots we would like to get for photos? As well as list of important people we would like to be photographed with?

Absolutely, we generally speaking try to keep things candid and natural through out the day, but if there was something in particular you are after, most definitely let us know!.

How would you describe your working style? Is there anything you would like to ask or tell us?

Our aim is to capture wedding moments that are both uniquely creative and timelessly beautiful, ensuring they become cherished memories that last a lifetime We are a very friendly couple who genuinely want to make the day memorable. We like to have a bit of fun on the day and make sure the couple feel comfortable.

Is there a travel or accommodation fee?

If it's within an hour drive for us, then no. If it's beyond an hour drive, we charge a travel fee depending on the distance. If it's a significant drive, then we ask for accommodation fee.

Can you travel interstate or international?

Yes! Just let us know where and when and we will send through a revised quote with everything that is included.

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